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How I Teach Climate Change in Middle School Science
How I Teach Climate Change in Middle School Science
Teaching climate change in middle school science is an excellent opportunity to incorporate critical thinking skills. This is a subject on which we have lots of high quality data. From...
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Using digital simulations with the claim, evidence, reasoning framework in science
Claim-Evidence-Reasoning in Science: Digital Simulations
Teaching using claim, evidence, and reasoning (CER) in middle school science is a critical part of our standards. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the ability to search...
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connecting real-world applications to middle school science
Connecting Real-Life Applications in Middle School Science
Do your students ever ask for real-life applications in middle school science? I think this is an important question for us as educators to be able to answer. It’s more important than...
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Using technology in middle school science - ideas for increasing engagement
Using Technology in Middle School Science: Enhancing Learning
Are you trying to use technology in middle school science this year? Incorporating simulations, presentation apps, and research can equip our students with skills beyond our standards....
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The importance of middle school STEM education
The Importance of Middle School STEM Education
As a middle school STEM education teacher, I believe that students get value from my class in many ways. We normally think about the content we are teaching students. I mean, who doesn’t...
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Tips for improving middle school science classroom structure
Tips for Improving Middle School Science Classroom Structure
As the new year starts, are you considering changes to increase your middle school science classroom structure? Everything from student engagement, behavior, and grades can be improved...
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